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A4 Landscape Eco Scrapbook | Recycled Black Paper, 20 Leaves

  • Eco - Red/51
    SKU: 68451
  • Eco - Blue/52
    SKU: 68452
  • Eco - Green/53
    SKU: 68453
  • Eco - Aubergine/54
    SKU: 68454
  • Eco - Ivory/55
    SKU: 68455
  • Eco - Black/58
    SKU: 68458

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Scrapbooks from Pink Pig have been designed with memories in mind. One of our biggest piglets had a milestone birthday coming up and, eek, no-one had remembered a card! Needless to say we panicked. However the level-headed piglets in the lab calmly invented a new A4 landscape scrapbook with room enough to fit all the embarrassing photos from their Snoutbook profile. It did such a good job of saving our bacon we thought we’d share them with you!

The Covers

Scrapbooks have a practical hard-board covers on the front & back. The board protects the beautiful bits inside from bumps and bangs while the wrapping adds durability and a smart finish.

The Binding

The large 19mm wire-binding allows for expansion to accommodate all your memories without the book opening outwards. Spiral binding lasts longer than glued bindings which can fall apart over time; plus it's a lot less fuss to remove a page if you need to (erasers were invented for a reason). With our spiral binding you can even stand the book up, lie it flat or fold it over itself to proudly present your handiwork.

The Paper

Contrast always helps images stand out on a page which is why our piglets made these scrapbooks with 150gsm black cartridge paper! Our black cartridge is green, and by that we mean it has been made with 100% recycled materials so you don't have to worry about your carbon trotter print. As always this paper is archival quality & acid free which means it won't degrade your memories or photographs over time. With 20 leaves (40 pages) there should be plenty of room for you to make a scrapbook about anything!

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