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Posh Ameleie Watercolour 300gsm 25 Leaves

Our Pink Pig Ameleie watercolour books use a slightly thinner weight of paper than the Bockingford at 300gsm so we can offer a, still, very high quality plain watercolour paper but at a cheaper price. Despite the difference in weight our Pink Pig Ameleie watercolour paper is still great for use with a variety of water based and wet media like watercolour, inks, gouache and whatever else you can throw at it. Our Pink Pig Ameleie sketch books come with our posh covers, meaning whichever colour you pick from our wide range will feature on both the front and back covers. Each book is wirebound also to provide a sturdy surface on the go and in the studio, as such one of these books in A3 would work great with an easel.

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